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The Pixiestick Incident I Michael Henry I United States

A tip from an old friend sends ex-cop Eldridge Haas and his "best good boy" Tanner to investigate a bizarre death that may lead to the trail of his brother's killer.

Growing up in Western Massachusetts during the 80s, Mike never thought it possible to make movies locally. He figured that was just for people in Hollywood. After college he moved to Boston where he took some film classes and found the indy film scene thriving. Once working as a grip, he was able to learn how to make movies without going to film school. 22 years of working in the Grip Department on all sorts of big movies and television shows that came through Boston has taught him all the practical tricks of filmmaking that he could learn.

The Pixiestick Incident is a return to attempting to make his own movies, the reason he got involved in the film industry in the first place. It just took a while. A long while.

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