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Man with Shadow I Ema Kugler I Slovenia

Director Ema Kugler

Genetic code forces people to reproduce. Infants have no choice: they become a part of this world without any will of their own, and as completely helpless beings they are subjected to training in the civilizational norms… Is anything else possible at all?


  • European Cinematography Awards Amsterdam Netherlands January 11, 2020 Netherlands premiere awarded: Best Experimental Film

  • L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival LIAFF) Kolkata India February 23, 2020 India premiere awarded;: Best Experimental Film

  • Los Angeles Film Awards Los Angeles United States February 2, 2020 Los Angeles premiere two awards: Best Experimental Film and Best Narrative Feature

  • The IndieFEST Film Awards La Jolla (CA) United States February 5, 2020 LaJolla premiere awarded: Award of Excellence: Experimental

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