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Kerry Cowboys I Zeff Lawless I Ireland

“Kerry Cowboys” is a Dark Comedy/Fantasy/Sci-Fi. Seventeen year old Tadpole and his sidekick, the accountant Waldo, arrive in Ballyglen, in South Kerry, to set up a Skatepark and a Coffee Shop. They are leaving the past behind them, looking for new lives and love. They are being followed on their journey by their “Doppelganger” Leprechauns, Lil’ Tad & Lil’ Waldo, who don’t want to miss the shenanigans that follow these two, wherever they go.

The Kerry locals are wary of the blow-ins until Tadpole and Waldo extricate the local Politician, Paddy, from a tight spot and save the day when the notorious “Pension Punks” attempt to rob the local Post Office.

Embraced into the community, the Skatepark and the Coffee Shop become reality and things start looking up for Tadpole and Waldo.

Paddy, the local politician, is hell bent on building a Hotel, Spa & Golf Club complex, over a quarry, as soon as possible and he does whatever it takes to make that happen. He doesn’t really care about anyone, but himself. Tadpole becomes suspicious when he sees truckloads of industrial waste trundling past his Skatepark up to the quarry. On further investigation he finds Nuclear Waste being dumped by dodgy Russians working for the politician. But the ruthless Russians are really working for themselves and the Motherland. Tadpole and Waldo resolve to get to the bottom of it all.

Carlton & Peggy Sue, quintessential Americans on holiday, show a keen interest in all things Leprechaun. Peggy Sue even wears a Sheela na Gig amulet to channel the ancient Celtic symbol of fertility. The reality is, they are CIA Leprechaun hunters.

Waldo finds his crush, Annabel, on the nudist Celtic Beach and in an exuberant mood in the pub he asks her to marry him. The locals are, naturally, delighted at the prospect of a big wedding celebration and free drink!

The “Doppelgangers”, Lil’ Tad & Lil’ Waldo, meet the local Leprechauns and over a boozy campfire night they recount “The Legend” where an Alien Queen, Queen TaRa, came down from the Unisphere 5,000 years ago and had a night of sexy shenanigans with the King of the Leprechauns. They still wonder if an Alien Leprechaun was conceived that very special night.

Tadpole falls for the enigmatic poet Tara, and looking for a perfect place for a romantic interlude he stumbles upon an ancient, overgrown, “Sheela na Gig” Stone Circle. He clears the megalithic stones only to re-awaken a portal to the Aliens, deep in the Unisphere.

Queen TaRa and the Aliens are alarmed by the threat they see from the Nuclear Waste in Ballyglen. They resolve to return to Earth bringing Kingsley, the Alien Leprechaun with them, so he can see the land of his forefathers, where he was conceived that night, millennia before.

When the Aliens arrive the Yanks want the DNA from Kingsley and the Russians want the secrets of Interstellar Travel from the Alien Space Craft. Tadpole, Waldo and Kingsley, with the help of the locals and the local Leprechauns, battle to save their world of Ballyglen - then all hell breaks loose.

Zeff Lawless is an Irish writer, director, filmmaker and actor.

The short screenplay "The Neighbours" was a Finalist in the Waterford Film & Screenplay Festival 2020.

His last short film “GOLF – Tee Shot”, a 14 minute Dark Comedy has to date been made an Official Selection in 13 International Film Festivals.

ETHER, a PsychoDrama with an all Female Cast, was made an Official selection in 12 International Film Festivals.

BINGO! another short film has, to date, been made an Official Selection in 15 International Film Festivals and a winner at three.

The short film “Double or Nothing” written, produced and starring Zeff was made an Official Selection in 11 International Film Festivals.

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