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Chocolate Monsters 2 I Nicky Naudé I France

After traveling beautiful country roads on their Harley-Davidson, Roxy and Bill, a couple living somewhere in North America find themselves on a baseball field to get ready to play. Throughout the game they talk about a subject concerning the reptilians, convinced that they are the ones who govern the world. When it's Bill's turn to pick up the baseball bat, he hits so hard, the ball goes somewhere in the nearby forest. Roxy and Bill are going to look for the lost ball in this immense forest, but they are not at the end of their surprises during their progress...

My name is Nicky Naudé,

I have been an actor for many years now. I am also a fight choreographer and human stunt coordinator, even if I practice these disciplines less and less, I accompanied several directors like Mathieu Kassovitz among others to take care of everything related to the staging of action.

I've also been writing for 20 years, and I've directed several short films like “L'ancien” and “Retrouvailles” which is inspired by a long screenplay that I also wrote.

The more I advance in time, the more I intend to achieve, without stopping my job as an interpreter which is also close to my heart.

Director Statement

After the success of the first "Chocolate Monsters", it seemed obvious to us to tell and make a second opus to find back our characters of Roxy and Bill. "Chocolate Monsters 2 (baseball)" unlike the first film, it was made with a real team, knowing that the first opus was made during the first lock down due to COVID in early 2020. The first film was shot with my mobile phone, instead of the second was shot with a Red Dragon, but still in the conditions of independent cinema, it means with a very small budget. These two small films refer to the type of the B series, even the Z series, we are in fully assumed that kind of " Cinéma de Genre".

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