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Bitter September I Sophia Farantatou I Switzerland

After the assassination of the Greek-American LGBTQ activist, Zak Kostopoulos, his childhood friend Sophia Farantatou, returns to Greece and finds herself stuck in a dead end. The video of the assassination shot from a passer by, plays on replay in all the national TV channels. Between the media storytelling and her own archive footage from her friend, Sophia has no choice but to isolate and reflect on the meaning of memory. Only time can give her the space to grief and face the absence of her friend.

Born and raised in Athens, Sophia Farantatou comes from a family that carries the history of contemporary Greece on its shoulders. From the side of the father, sailors, from the side of the mother, partisans who fought against the Nazis.

She did her first bachelor in sociology in Greece before leaving for Paris where she discovered her passion for documentary filmmaking. Spiritual child of Nicole Brenez and fan of human sciences, she went to the Sorbonne before joining the Beaux-Arts of Marseille. In 2020, the cinema department of HEAD art scool in Geneva, discovered his work about Zak Kostopoulos and proposed her to join the school to finish her film project. She finished her diploma film with the congratulations of the Jury. Currently, she moves between Marseille, Paris and Geneva, in full preparation of her first feature film.

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