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About Us

The COVID-19 pandemic has shattered lives but, at the same time, it has made us get closer to one another and find solidarity in life. Nothing reflects this solidarity, this acceptance of diversity, this co-existence of various beliefs and opinions, more than the world of cinema, media and, visual arts.

Films, scripts, tv shows and music videos all play their parts in making our current life more bearable and they can show us how to be human beings, how to cherish each and every moment and opportunity in life and how to love one another.

Here at the Japan International Film Festival, we celebrate and highlight various experiments and experiences in the worlds of cinema, media, and visual arts, and we are trying to provide a platform for artists of all backgrounds to come together and share their narratives. We sincerely hope that by gathering the greatest talents in independent cinema/media, we can provide our audience (and fans) a chance to have a sublime experience.

Submit your work and be a part of our community and share your story with the world!

Rules & Terms

For the time being, we hold 'Online Screenings' for each edition of our festival. However, this screening is not mandatory and we can make an exception for filmmakers who do not wish their films to be screened.
Our online screening will be held on our website in a secure manner (with exclusive passwords).


To be a part of the festival, you must submit to the categories found on the right side of the page. We can only process the submissions that are submitted via Filmfreeway.

Please carefully review the categories you're interested in, because the submission fee is non-refundable.

All non-English films must have an 'English' subtitle, as we are an international festival and have an international audience.

Submitters can update their films/shows (to update links or information) until the event date.

By entering your film/show/music video for consideration to our festival, you authorize that your work is cleared for festival exhibition and accept full legal responsibility for the intellectual property. We won't hold the rights to films and we won't be responsible for any problem with the intellectual property of your works.

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